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frequently asked questions

admission process

You are welcome to apply without an actual visit, however, we would recommend that you register for a Mirema Event and refer to the extensive information and resources on our website.

Details on the admission process can be obtained from the admission section of the website.

about the school

The school was started in 1997, when its founders, Mr amd Mrs Mutegi made the decision to convert their home into a school. They started off with just 3 students, one of whom was differently-abled and by the end of 2019, Mirema School had a student population of 1200.

curriculum and academics

Teacher to student ratio on lower classes is 1:20. In higher classes, it is 1:35. We also have a robust student support program to ensure that all learners are well supported.

We are a Multi-curricular primary school offering the Competency Based Curiculum  and  ASDAN for special needs learners.

At Mirema School, we use an Inclusive and Integrative approach. Differently-abled learner have dedicated classes and teachers within the school (integrations) but based on their ability, learners  may be taught specific subjects along with ‘regular; students (inclusion). How this is managed is determined on a case to case basis, depending on the learners needs and abilities.

boarding, extra-curricular and activities

We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, depending on the academic calendar and the mode of learning that is in effect. These include IN-HOUSE clubs (Cookery, Art & Craft, Drama, Bible study, Swimming) and PAID-FOR clubs (Dance, Musical instruments, Theatric talent, Tennis, Gymnastics, Scouting movement and School band).
The school provides break and lunch for the learners and this cost is incorporated in the school fees. Learners are not permitted to bring food to school except on sharing day.
We have a boarding facility and we take students from Class 5 and above, based on availability.

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