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July 2024

There are many opportunities for responsibility and independence in the Middle School

Our program in the Lower School is based on active learning, learning by doing, learning by challenging, and stretching in ways that promote growth.

The Lower School strives to instill within each child a balance between individual development and commitment to community. Our invigorating and supportive environment stimulates and promotes ethical, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth in every student.

For a student of this age, the most valuable skills and knowledge are not composed of isolated facts and repetitive drills, but come from the child’s ability to make meaning of the work by integrating it with prior knowledge and experience.

We welcome the pupils experiences and of all members of our community

Cultivates five core values: honesty, kindness, respect, responsibility and courage. Character development, problem solving and the expression of ideas.

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Lower School Principal Barbara Shea, M.A.T.