Mirema international british curriculum

Helping learners develop an informed curiosity, and a lasting passion for learning

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Mirema International British Curriculum School (M.I.B.C) offers the Cambridge Assessment International Education which is part of the University Of Cambridge. Our program offers Cambridge Primary Education for learners aged 5 to 11 years.

Our M.I.B.C school is a melting pot of diverse cultures and communities drawn from within our borders and abroad. We are part of the larger Mirema School Community being the youngest of three different schools.

Because we are an international school, our M.I.B.C school has very high academic expectations. We are committed to ensure that every child performs to their utmost ability in a caring and learner based teaching environment. We encourage our learners to embrace winning attitudes that emphasize clarity in thinking and human intelligence on a broad spectrum of ideas not just the pen and paper test.

Our children in M.I.B.C are involved in a variety of engaging clubs and activities to help them identify and nurture their talents and abilities in a supportive and rewarding environment.

At M.I.BC. we stress on the importance of good character and discipline. We believe that every child has the potential to achieve greatness. However, without discipline and good character it will not be possible for our children to be continually successful.

As part of the Cambridge Assessment International Education we prepare pupils for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. Together we create learners with a global perspective on education, life and work.

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