Salute! To the entire academic team at Mirema School. TIME, COMMITMENT and RESOURCES have been the main reasons for our forward movement in the school academics.

We also thank all our parents both old and new for supporting us throughout the year to achieve the academic goal with your child. The school academic committee came up with a strategy/plan that aimed at raising every child’s academic standing in the school.

There are now class pass marks for every level in addition to monitoring the quality of teacher delivery. Class Pass Marks are:

  • Kindergarten (PP1 – PP2): 250 marks out of 300
  • Lower Primary (Grade 1 – Grade 3): 380 out of 500
  • Upper Primary (Grade 4 – Class 8): 350 out of 500

All class promotions are determined by individual targets which must be attained by end of every year. It is also MANDATORY that all parents and guardians buy supplementary books to support what the school has provided.

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