Our Story

Mirema School was founded in 1998 in the living quarters of the Mutegi Family. At the time the school was home to 3 children presently, the school boasts of state of the art teaching facilities and is home to over 1,000children.

The dream started off way back in 1997 when a couple called for a family meeting to share their desire to start a school.At first, it seemed rather far-fetched to their children about converting their home into a school, however Mr. A.J. Mutegi and Mrs. Margaret K. Mutegi were set on starting the school.

It took a mix of sacrifice, reliable partnerships & consultations, all their savings, focus & passion to get the ball rolling. From constructing semi-permanent structures using his skill and know how. Mr. Mutegi called on his own brother to assist him build the school with their own two hands. It took Mrs. Mutegi waking up at 4.30am everyday for many months to pick up her first students with her personal vehicle to ensure they were in school.

With more than 100 staff, Mirema School now provides a happy, vibrant environment, and the community is managed by a dedicated team of teachers, support staff and managers.

Fast forward to the present, the founders now retired, consult with their children, who have taken on the directorship of the school. Mirema School now caters for 900 children in 5 schools – 8-4-4, 2-6-6-3, Mirema International British School, Mirema Differently-Abled school and Mirema Little Cabin Daycare Centre.

The integrated system allows children from different backgrounds and with different abilities to interact, learn from each other and appreciate each other, no matter the challenge they face.

Admissions brochure

To help you navigate the school selection process, and give you a greater insight into the Mirema approach we have developed this short admissions brochure.









Diversity, and how we think about it, plays an important role in the lives of students and adults throughout the School. Lower School teachers discuss and devise effective approaches to issues of identity in the classroom. 

Current enrollment: 747
Lower School (272), Middle School (233), Upper School (242)
Students of color: 53%
Student/faculty ratio: 6:1

Grants and tuition aid: $6.7 million awarded to approximately 20% of our students
Annual Fund: $3.8 million (July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019)
Endowment: $141,124,021 (as of May 31, 2019)

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